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Privacy Policy

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to help you understand what kind of information I collect from you and how this will be used and stored. This is a legal requirement under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). I will only collect information about you that is necessary for the service.


What information do you collect?

  • Personal information:

At initial contact to arrange an appointment with me, I will ask you for your name and contact details. These will be stored securely and are only accessible by me.
If you then decide to begin counselling with me I will ask you to sign an agreement, which contains your personal information (name, contact details and address). I will keep this data for the duration of our work together, after which it will be destroyed.

  • Sensitive information:
    This kind of information is stored separately from your personal information and therefore cannot be linked to you. I will not use their name for this information but assign it a reference number. 

    • Session notes: I take brief and factual notes of our sessions. These are anonymised and stored electronically on an external, password protected device.

    • Your GP details and details for an emergency contact. I would only contact them in the unlikely event that something should happen during our session and I was concerned for your safety.

Storage of information

I store your information electronically on a separate password protected device. Your session notes and reference codes will be kept for 7 years, after which they will be destroyed. This is in line with insurance and standards for record keeping. I will delete all emails and text messages from you once they are no longer needed.

Concerns and amendments

If you are concerned about the way I keep your data or you believe that information I have about you is incorrect or out of date, please contact me and I will try to resolve any issues with you directly.

If you would like your personal information to be erased, I will do this unless I need to keep it for legal, auditing, or internal business purposes.

Data controller

I, Paula Weninger, am the data controller. If you have any questions about this privacy policy or your personal data, please contact me:

Paula Weninger Counselling and Psychotherapy



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