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Outdoor Therapy

What can you expect from Outdoor Therapy? It simply means that we will take our counselling session outside, rather than over the phone or online.

Being outdoors can be of great mental as well as physical benefit. Some people also find it easier to discuss difficult topics while walking or just being outdoors.

I will let you set the pace, we can also combine walking with sitting on a bench if walking becomes too much. Or skip the walking and just meet in a space that's comfortable and quiet if you'd rather not/cannot move but still prefer an outdoor setting.

A painting in mostly blue colours of a murmuration of starlings flying in the sky. Underneath them is the sea and a jetty. There is writing in the image that says "I stood by the pier and watched the starlings fly above my head. I wanted to join their murmuration but then I realised I wouldn't have a clue which one to follow."

Initial Assessment

The initial assessment will take place over the phone or online, so we can discuss if outdoor therapy is right for you. If you choose outdoor therapy it doesn't mean we have to stick with this every week. You might prefer a mixture of in- and outdoor sessions, so we can arrange this on a weekly basis.


Please let me know of any accessibility needs you have and we will find an option that works for you. 

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